Setting up Extend Account


The Extend Module provides the ability to configure Extend offers by creating a new Extend account or by providing credentials from an existing account.

Set up Extend Account from Magento

To get started with Extend, you’ll need an account. To create an Extend account and access your StoreId and Extend Access Token, simply select ‘Set up my Extend account’. This will redirect you to the Extend Merchant Portal sign up page.
This can also be found by entering the direct URL:
On the sign up page, you will select your e-Commerce platform (Magento), and go through the steps to create your account. You will have the option of creating either a Sandbox account (if you have a development store) or a Production account on our production environment for your live store.

Configure with Existing Account

If you or your Merchant Success Manager (MSM) have already created an Extend Production or Sandbox store, you will not need to set up an account. Please proceed with setting up the module in Magento.

For more information regarding the creation of Extend Accounts, please coordinate with your Merchant Success Manager or contact: [email protected].

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