This endpoint allows the update of an order. Currently, customer information and the PO number provided for the Extend order can be updated.

If information at the order level must be updated that is not currently supported (e.g. order total, status, etc.), please cancel the original order and create a new order.

If information at the order line item must be updated, please refer to the available endpoint pages that provide instruction on adding a line item to an existing order or updating the order line item (e.g. canceling the line item, refunding the line item, etc.).

If an order line item was created with inaccurate or invalid data and it has led to the order line item to not create a contract or lead, please use the appropriate endpoint to cancel the order line item and create/add a new order line item.

If there is any order update scenario that has does not contain instruction on how to address the update that needs to be performed on the order, please reach out to your merchant success manager for further assistance.

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