The line items endpoints allow for various actions and updates to be taken on an order line item. Order line item information can be retrieved, including corresponding contract information if a contract is associated to the line item. The primary update actions that can be performed on an order line item are:

  • Reporting a line item as refunded
  • Cancel a line item
  • Fulfill a line item
  • Add, update, or delete shipment information on a line item
  • Update delivery status to shipped for shipments

Updates like fulfilling a line item are important for processes like creating a contract once the product on the line item has been fulfilled. Actions that were previously done directly on the Extend contract are done through the order line item. For example, if a contract needs to be refunded or canceled, this request would be made by initiating an order line item refund or cancelation.

As a reminder, if there is another update that is required for an order line item that is not currently supported, please cancel the existing line item and create a new one with the correct or accurate information needed.