This endpoint is used to batch create orders or batch create historical orders. NOTE - For normal or historical orders, this endpoint currently only supports creating 10 orders with each request.

“Historical“ orders are defined as orders that were created in a merchant’s store before partnering with Extend to sell protection plans. Historical orders currently support the creation of historical leads, which are simply leads that need to be created on historical orders. A default “wait period“ of 14 days will be used for all orders created to allow for products to be set up properly as warrantable, as needed, prior to creating leads from the orders.

The primary purpose of historical leads is to help merchants generate additional revenue on orders where customers purchased products that they are still eligible to protect under an extended warranty contract.

Please note, it is important that the merchant’s Extend store has products configured as warrantable before creating historical orders. If there are a significant number of products that are not mapped to protection plans, the order line item will be consider non-warrantable, preventing a lead to be successfully created.

This endpoint now supports handling existing orders in Extend’s system when creating historical orders. If a Transaction ID is provided in this request body and the Transaction ID exists on another order, Extend’s system will attempt to generate new line items for any potential historical leads. If our system determines the line item already exists and a historical lead cannot or should not be created on the existing order, the order line item will be skipped.

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