The Orders API endpoints provide the ability to create, update, or search for orders. As of our API version v2021-07-01, all merchants should integrate with our Orders API to achieve the following benefits:

  • Create any contract type through a single endpoint (e.g. extended warranty, shipping protection, and leads can all be created when an order is created)
  • Streamline how merchants receive warranty attach rate reports by capturing all order line items instead of only ones when a contract or lead is created
  • Help Extend expand plan offerings for products by analyzing non-warrantable consumer product demand

When creating orders, we have the ability to create a single or multiple orders at once. Orders can be created with additional information (e.g. what payment type was used) that might be helpful for analytics as well as important details related to the order processed with the customer. Orders can also be created with a wait period (entered in number of hours) that allows contracts to be created after a desired period of time to help prevent any fraudulent contract creation attempts.

Order line items are created when an order is created. Extend will automatically categorize that order line item based on the information that is sent with it. Here are the four line item types used:

  • Contract - This is determined by receiving a Plan ID and Product and will trigger an extended warranty contract to be created
  • Lead - This is determined by receiving no Plan ID on a warrantable Product and will trigger a lead to be created
  • Shipping Protection Contract - This is determined by receiving Shipment Info and a Quote ID and will trigger a shipping protection contract to be created

  • Non-Warrantable - This is determined by receiving a non-warrantable product

Orders can be retrieved by using the Order ID, Store ID, or Transaction ID. After a successful search is performed, important information can be retrieved for one or many orders (e.g. customer information or general order information). Our endpoints also offer the ability to cancel an order or add another order line item to an existing order.