This endpoint enables order line item cancelation using the Extend Line Item ID. Order line items may need to be canceled if only one or several line items have been canceled on the merchant’s order. Line items may also need to be canceled when associated extended warranty or shipping protection Extend contracts need to be canceled.

When an order line item cancelation request is made, a cancelation request will be made to any associated Extend contract on the line item. Here are helpful definitions that could be updated on the order line item status after a cancelation request is made:

  • canceled - The order line item has been canceled. When a line item is canceled, this will trigger a cancellation of an associated Extend contract on the line item.

  • cancel_failed - The attempt to cancel the order line item has failed. This is typically due to logic in Extend’s system preventing the cancelation (e.g. attempt to cancel a line item when there is an associated shipment).

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