The refund endpoints enable merchants to validate whether a contract is eligible and what the amount for a refund to the customer is and report contract refunds to Extend.

Generally, a contract should return the full purchase price when retrieving refund quotes and a contract can be successfully posted. There are scenarios where the refund quote may return $0 or a contract will be denied. Some of these scenarios include:

  • The contract has already been refunded

  • There is an approved claim on the customer's contract

  • The shipping protection contract contains at least one product that has shipped already

When requesting a contract refund, there are three statuses that can occur:

  • refund_quoted - A refund quote has been requested but an attempt to report the refund as paid to the customer has not been made.

  • refund_paid - A refund has been successfully approved for the Extend contract and successfully paid from the merchant to the customer.

  • refund_denied - A refund request has been denied for the Extend contract. This is typically due to an approved claim on the customer's contract or the contract is in a status is not eligible for a refund.

If an attempt to retrieve a refund quote or report a refund on a contract leads to an unexpected result or status, please reach out to your merchant success manager to resolve the discrepancy.