This endpoint allows merchants to report a contract refund as paid to the customer using the Extend Line Item ID, Extend Contract ID, Extend Refund ID, or Line Item Transaction ID (the merchant’s unique identifier for the order line item). When requesting a contract refund, there are three statuses that can occur:

  • refund_quoted - A refund quote has been requested but an attempt to report the refund as paid to the customer has not been made.
  • refund_paid - A refund has been successfully approved for the Extend contract and successfully paid from the merchant to the customer.
  • refund_denied - A refund request has been denied for the Extend contract. This is typically due to an approved claim on the customer’s contract or the contract is in a status is not eligible for a refund.

Contract refunds must be reported to Extend successfully to ensure a credit is a received by the merchant in the normal monthly invoicing cycle.

Additionally, a reason can be provided when reporting a contract refund as paid. This is helpful information to better understand why customers are requesting a refund of their Extend contract.

With shipping protection contracts, reporting refunds as paid will be rejected if at least on covered product on the contract has shipped.

If an attempt to report a refund leads to an unexpected result or status, please reach out to your merchant success manager to resolve the discrepancy.

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