As a servicer, you will be able to post events whenever an action occurs on the service order. These events are intended to be as flexible as possible in order to fit a variety of different workflows.

Event types

Based on the service type (repair_onsite or repair_depot), you will be able to send us the following events:

Events For Depot Repair Service Orders:

  • product_received
  • product_delivered
  • product_diagnosed
  • repair_eta
  • repair_started
  • repair_completed

Events For Onsite Repair Service Orders:

  • part_management
  • appointment_scheduling
  • customer_contact
  • batched
  • resolved

Important notes about events

  • Any event name that is not listed above is valid. These will simply be referred to as other events.
  • Events do not need to occur in any specific order and not all events for the service type need to be sent. The order is above is the recommended order.
    • It is highly recommended that the repair_completed and resolved events are used when the service has been completed
  • The recommended request bodies will be given below for each event, but any request can contain any data for any event and all fields are optional except for the event name
  • The only restrictions are around field types and only being able to use events for your service order's service type (other is allowed for both service types)
  • Any event can contain an optional notes field
  • Dates should be sent in timestamp format
  • The service order must have been accepted and cannot be closed

Request bodies for each event

Depot Repair


  event: 'product_received'
  receivedBy: string
  receptionDate: number


  event: 'product_delivered'
  deliveredTo: string
  deliveredDate: number


  event: 'product_diagnosed'
  diagnosedBy: string
  diagnosticExplanation: string
  diagnosticCompletedAt: number


  event: 'repair_eta'
  estimatedRepairCompletionAt: number
  isDelayed: boolean
  delayReason: string


  event: 'repair_started'
  repairStartedAt: number


  event: 'repair_completed'
  repairCompletedAt: number

Onsite Repair


  event: 'part_management'
  partManagementEventType: string


  event: 'appointment_scheduling'
  appointmentEventType: string
  appointmentDate: number
  event: 'customer_contact'
  customerContactEventType: string
  method: string
  contactTimestamp: number
  appointmentTimestamps: number[]


  event: 'batched'
  availabilityWindows: number[]


  event: 'resolved'
  resolutionType: string
  reason: string


  event: 'custom_event_name_here'
  eventDate: number
  metadata: Object
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