This endpoint allows you to fulfill a service order by submitting the required resolution details.

You can fulfill a replacement service order with the following resolution methods:

  • Gift card
    • if you sent the customer with a gift card equal to the replacement value of the original product purchased in order to buy their own replacement product
  • Product replacement
    • if you sent the customer a full replacement product that is the same or of like value to what they originally purchased
    • if you send the customer a partial replacement that or product part that resolves the specific issue from their claim

You can fulfill a depot repair or onsite repair service order by providing the following information:

  • Repair completed date
  • Repair method (i.e., repair_onsite or repair_depot)

For repair service order fulfillment, you will need to use the Request Payment endpoint to add any servicing expenses incurred to be reimbursed by Extend.

Important to note: When you fulfill a service order, the following will automatically happen:

  1. The customer will receive an email notifying them that their fulfillment is on its way (If you are a merchant and do not want to communicate the fulfillment details to the customer, contact your merchant success manager to configure)
  2. An expense will be added to the service order with the expense type and amount that was entered in the fulfillment details for replacement fulfillment methods
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