This endpoint allows a refund quote to be retrieved for an Extend contract using the Extend Line Item ID, Extend Contract ID, or Line Item Transaction ID (the merchant’s unique identifier for the order line item).

Refund quotes allow merchants to confirm the refund amount that a contract is eligible for. This might be helpful when determining if the customer should be refunded for their Extend contract, especially if the customer has placed a claim already with Extend or another reason that would indicate the customer shouldn’t be refunded for their Extend contract.

Generally, a contract should return the full purchase price when retrieving refund quotes. There are scenarios where the refund quote may return $0:

  • The contract has already been refunded
  • There is an approved claim on the customer’s contract
  • The shipping protection contract contains at least one product that has shipped already

If an attempt to retrieve a refund quote leads to an unexpected result or amount, please reach out to your merchant success manager to resolve the discrepancy.

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