Contract Management

Create Warranty Contract

Extend service has two APIs for contract creation. This setting allows you to switch between them or completely disable contract creation. Contract creations modes:

  • No
    Disable contract creation.
  • Contacts API
    Set contract creation method to Contacts API
  • Orders API
    Set contract creation method to Orders API

Contract Creating Mode

This setting is available only when Create Warranty Contract is set to Contacts API or Orders API. This setting allows you to switch when ordered warranty plans will be processed.

  • On invoice
    Create warranty contract after Magento order invoiced
  • Scheduled
    Create warranty contract by cron job

Contracts Cron Settings

This section is available only when Contract Creating Mode is set to Scheduled and allows you to set up a contract creation cron job process.

  • Frequency
    This setting allows you to set up cron schedule expression
  • Batch size
    This setting allows you to set up orders count for the cron job process
  • Storage Period Days
    Period of time in days after which purchased warranties processed by cron job will be purged.
  • Notice:
    Orders created before Contract Creating Mode is set to Scheduled will not proceed by cron job.

Whenever an order is created and invoiced in your Magento store that contains a protection plan, an Extend service contract will be created in the Extend system for that customer in your store. The order will contain the Extend Protection Plan product with the corresponding pricing based on 1 year, 2 year, or 3 year plan selected by the customer. To view orders go to Admin > Sales > Orders > View (Link Order Details).

Once the contract is created in Extend, the customer will receive an email invoice from Extend that the protection plan has been purchased:


Contract Refunds

Once the order is invoiced, the service contract can be refunded. Refunds can be processed directly in the Extend Module by clicking the “Request Refund” button that resides on the ‘Items Ordered’ detail on the order itself.


Clicking this button will generate a contract cancellation request in Extend. Extend will process this cancellation and generate an email to the customer, notifying them that their service contract has been canceled.

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