Setting Up Extend SDK


This page will go over the following steps:

  • Injecting the Extend SDK, Extend BigCommerce SDK, and some essential files that will be used throughout the integration.
  • Verifyting Extend is loading properly.
Est. Time of Completion: 5 minutes

Add Extend SDK

  1. Navigate to templates > layout > base.html. Copy the snippet below and paste it before the</head> tag in the base.html file.
<!-- Extend - Render SDK Scripts and configure store REMOVE BEFORE PUSHING YOUR THEME LIVE -->
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script>Extend.config({ storeId: 'INSERT_STORE_ID_HERE', environment: 'production' })</script>

<!-- Extend - analytics toggle only set to true if you have added extend-analytics.js and added the event listeners -->
<script> = false</script>
<!-- Extend - End Extend Code -->

<!-- Extend - Render Product Integration Script -->
<!-- Extend - End Extend Code -->
  1. Replace the text INSERT_STORE_ID_HERE with your Store ID. You can find your Store ID in Merchant Portal > Settings.
    1. NOTE: If you are using a Sandbox (Demo) environment, you will need to change the environment field to demo in the Extend.config() code.

At this point, the site is going to show a 500 error. This is due to the fact that the extend-product-integration.html file does not exist yet.

  1. In /components/products/, create a file called extend-product-integration.html. You can leave this file empty for now.
  2. Go to your Localhost URL and open up the Developer Tools console. You can run Extend and ExtendBigCommerce to confirm the SDK is loading properly, as shown below:

Perfect! The Extend SDK is now running on the locally hosted site and we can continue to render Extend protection plan offers on your product display page!