1. Extend Products Export

    This job uses Extend’s API to traverse the storefront catalog and export each Simple and Variant Product that is currently merchandisable (online and in stock).

    1. Go to Business Manager → Operations → Jobs. Select the Extend Products Export job.
    2. Go to Job Steps and select Scope. Configure this to run in the scope of the site integrating with Extend.
    3. Schedule this to run once a day, at a time that’s most suitable for a recurring job setup, ideally after the catalog is being updated.
    4. Ensure this job is triggered at least once without errors and notify Extend after the successful run. Extend will confirm if the product sync was successful.
  2. Extend Contracts Creation

    This job uses Extend’s Contracts API to consume the contracts queue, stored in the ExtendContractsQueue custom object. During SFCC order creation (after checkout), an instance of this object is created for each Extend Protection Plan on the SFCC order. When this job is triggered, it sends a contract generation request to Extend for each queued element. Upon successful contract creation, it removes the completed instance from the queue.

    Note: This job is not required when using the Orders API as contracts are created immediately during SFCC order creation for eligible line items.

  3. Create Refunds from SFCC

    This job uses Extend’s API to cancel an active contract on a canceled SFCC order (Order Status = “Canceled”). Please note that Extend will never refund the customer directly, as Extend does not capture the customer’s payment information at any point. Customer refunds should be processed based on the merchant’s regular refund process. This job will simply terminate active contract(s) after the customer’s refund request is accepted by the merchant. All canceled Extend contracts are represented as credit lines on Extend’s monthly invoice. For additional information on Extend’s refund policy, please reach out to the Extend project team.

    Note: This job is not required if the merchant’s return and refund process occurs outside of SFCC as the contract cancellation requests to Extend will likely occur in a downstream system. Confirm with the Extend project team prior to scheduling this job.

Note: The job works differently depending on the delivery status. See Extend Shipping Protection API