Product Protection

Integration Guide for enabling the Product Protection within a NetSuite ERP.

Welcome to Extend! We provide an easy way for any merchant to sell extended warranties - generating new revenue, increasing purchase conversion, and dramatically improving the customer experience.

This guide provides an integrated solution to call relevant Extend APIs from native NetSuite order-to-cash flow so that you can easily access, create, and update Product Protection products and plan information from NetSuite ERP for transactions that took place on your webstore.

This guide also provides a complete integration guide for selling product protection from NetSuite ERP sales orders directly. So whether your customers are purchasing product protection on your website, or your agents are selling product protection directly in NetSuite ERP, we’ve got you covered.

Table of Contents

Environment Assumptions
Solution Assumptions

Create an Extend Product Protection Item in NetSuite
Create an Extend Shipping Protection Item in NetSuite
API Credentials - Extend Configuration Custom Record
Set Script Parameters
Representing Protection Plan Sales on Sales Orders
Creating Extend Product Protection Contracts
Refunding Extend Product Protection Contracts
Calling the Extend API from NetSuite
Extend API Documentation
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