Component Overview

Cartridge Features

This integration cartridge enables the following features:

  • Automated product catalog export to Extend
  • Present offers via the Product Display Page (PDP), an up-sell modal during the add to-cart action, and within the Cart page for eligible products
  • Purchase Extend Protection Plans for eligible products
  • Contract creation and cancellation with Extend via the API

Use Cases

For a merchant, the primary use cases include:

  • Maintaining core Extend functionalities directly within Business Manager
  • Display Extend Protection Plan products in PDP & Cart
  • Display an Extend Protection Plan up-sell modal in PDP & Cart
  • Capture customer behavior with Extend’s analytics module
  • Generate contracts for newly purchased protection plans with Extend
  • Cancel contracts for returned orders with Extend

For a customer, the primary use cases include:

  • Attach an Extend Protection Plan to an eligible catalog product during their purchase journey
  • View details, including coverage and terms & conditions about the Extend Protection Plans
  • Remove Extend Protection Plans from Cart (either by removing the main product or just the warranty product) during their purchase journey


This cartridge has been developed and tested against Commerce Cloud Digital 19.10 and integrated on top of SFRA v.5.3.0 or later.

Privacy Policy on Payments

This cartridge implements a custom object for temporary storage of order data needed for Extend Protection Plan contract generation. This custom object (ExtendContractsQueue) was implemented based on a queue pattern that is consumed by a job configured to execute every 5 minutes. This data is not exposed publicly and used only in a server-to-server communication setup.

Extend does not handle payments from the end-user. The merchant is responsible for charging the end-user for the Extend Protection Plans purchased, using the existing tenders that are currently supported on the specific environment. The merchant is responsible for generating Extend Protection Plan contracts only after charging the end-user for the warranty plans purchased. Please visit for more information.