View your sales and attach rate analytics.

You can view your business performance within the Merchant Portal, including key metrics like warranty sales, warranty performance, attach rate and more. The full list of metrics included are:

  • Total Warranty Sales ($)
    • By Term Length (i.e. 1 Year, 2 Years, 3 Years)
    • By Coverage Type (i.e. ADH, Base)
    • By Channel (i.e. "call center", "telesales", etc.)
    • Over Time Period (i.e. Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly)
  • Total # Warranties Sold
    • Over Time Period
  • Merchant Revenue ($)
  • Average Warranty Price ($)
  • Average Warranty Price (as % of product price)
  • Warranties Refunded ($)
  • Dollar Attach Rate (%)
    • By Product Category (i.e. "e-bike", "jewelry", etc.)
    • Over Time Period
  • Unit Attach Rate (%)
    • Over Time Period
  • Total # Claims (excludes claims outside coverage period)
    • By Failure Type (i.e. "Water Damage")
  • Claims Approval Rate (%)
  • # of Approved Claims
  • By Failure Type (i.e. "Water Damage")

View Product Protection Analytics

To view your Product Protection analytics:

  1. Log into the Merchant Portal
  2. On the left navigation bar, click on Analytics



Your Analytics dashboard updates once a day -- if you notice that your Analytics report is not matching up to your internal reporting, this may be because your report has not been refreshed yet. In this case, return back to your Analytics report the next day and your data should be up to date for the previous day.

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