Telesales Integration Options

For most stores, the main sales channel we see Extend utilized in is online stores. However, once product protection is available to customers online, often times there may be the need to sell product protection over the phone. Whether you have a dedicated telesales team that actively targets new customers or a customer service team that sometimes assist customers with executing sales via the phone, you need a way to enter orders outside of the eCommerce checkout flow. This is where our telesales solutions come into play.

Telesales Overview

There are 3 primary platforms where we have seen successful Telesales solutions. These are Shopify, via Draft Orders, BigCommerce, via Manual Orders, and API Integrations, which require custom configuration for your ERP.

Shopify - Draft orders

Draft Orders are a method of creating orders on behalf of the merchant that allows your Telesales agents to manually input both Customer and Order data that is then processed via our Extend Shopify Listed App to pass the order data over to our systems, which will then generate the Contract for the Customer.

BigCommerce - Manual Orders

Manual Orders are BigCommerce's answer to Agent-created orders on the Customer's behalf. We have created an Extend guide that goes into more detail about utilizing this feature here.

Custom API - Merchant Owned

With this route, it will require that you have a developer on staff who can work on integrating your ERP tools with our API endpoints that allow for Order creation, cancelation, and refunds, as well as Offers generation.

When beginning a Custom API integration there are several endpoints that will be vital to the success of this endeavor:

Offers -

This endpoint returns warranty plans and pricing for a specific product. It's one of the early API calls used to fetch Product Protection offers on your store's products.

Refunds -

The refund endpoints enable you to validate whether a contract is eligible and what the amount for a refund to the customer is and report contract refunds to Extend.

Orders -

This endpoint allows you to create a new order or update an existing order.

If interested in configuring Telesales for the Extend protection plans into your business please reach out to your account manager or create a ticket through the Merchant Portal to be put in contact with someone regarding this configuration.

If this is your first time reaching out regarding Extend it is important that you reach out to our team by filling out the Demo Request form here so we can understand your business goals and work together to get your store integrated with Extend.