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Extend is the leading provider of modern product protection.

Extend's API-first solution allows merchants to easily offer product and shipping protection while delivering peace of mind to end customers. Through its unique proprietary technology and insurance stack, Extend handles everything from offer merchandising and optimization, to claims adjudication, to seamless end-to-end customer experiences. Launched in 2019, Extend has reinvented the antiquated extended warranty industry by eliminating many of the issues customers face with legacy providers, boosting customer confidence and retention. Extend works with leading manufacturers and retailers across nearly all consumer industries including electronics, furniture, jewelry, sports and fitness, auto parts, and more.

Whether you’re using one of the leading ecommerce platforms or looking to integrate directly with our APIs, the documentation here will guide you through the process of getting up and running with Extend so you'll be offering best-in-class product protection to your customers in no time.

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These pages are dedicated resources for Extend's merchant partners. If you’re a consumer, please visit https://www.extend.com/customers

What is product protection?

Products can be covered in a variety of ways. Many products have included manufacturer warranties that cover defects in workmanship for 6 months to a year typically, but product protection plans go above and beyond.

Product protection, also known as service contracts, guarantee a product’s working condition for an extended period of time. Product protection can come in many different forms:

Why Extend?

Extend keeps your customers using your products

✓ Give Customers Peace of Mind
✓ Drive Pure Profit at No Cost
✓ Create Long Term Advocates



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