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Modern product and shipping protection solutions.

Extend Product Protection and Shipping Protection boost your bottom line and costs nothing to implement. From furniture to fine jewelry, mattresses to motors, bikes and beyond, we cover it all. With over 900 trusted partnerships under our belt, we work hand in hand to deliver positive customer experiences and increased margins for merchants at all stages of growth.

Integrating Extend is simple — no matter what platform you use. Our team handles catalog organization, SKU mapping, ongoing plan management, and more.

This documentation will guide you through getting up and running with Extend to offer best-in-class protection to your customers. If you are not already partnered with Extend and would like to learn more about our solutions, please contact us at [email protected]!

Why Extend?

✓ Instant revenue from product and shipping protection sales.
✓ Fast and easy claim resolution for your customers.
✓ Customized warranty programs to fit your industry and product lines.

Boost revenue and brand loyalty by offering protection from product failure and accidental damage.

Cut operational costs and eliminate stress caused by lost, damaged, or stolen packages.


These pages are dedicated resources for Extend's merchant partners. If you’re a consumer, please visit https://www.extend.com/customers



If you have additional questions on any topics covered here, you can always contact [email protected] or your Merchant Success Manager for assistance.