Managing your Leads with PUE

Search or filter your list of leads and export to CSV for post-purchase email campaigns. Copy a lead token for one-off post-purchase offers.

The Post-Purchase Upsell Email tools allow you an additional marketing channel for providing extended warranties to your customers. When a sale is made that doesn't include a product protection warranty this tool will followup with the customer via email offering them a product protection warranty after the sale has already been made.

To get this feature enabled for your site the first step you will want to take is reaching out to our Extend team via your Merchant Portal making a Business request asking to Enable Post-Purchase Leads. Once we followup with that request you can jump right into the portal and begin configuring your leads features and settings.


  1. Getting Started with Leads
  2. Customizing and Testing
  3. Search, Filter and Sort the Leads
  4. Exporting Leads to CSV and Importing into a Spreadsheet
  5. Lead Tokens


If you run into any issues or have questions please reach out to our team through your Merchant Portal.