Configuring Extend

Catalog setup

The 3 Extend products that need configuration are:

  • EXTEND-12
  • EXTEND-24
  • EXTEND-36
    In order to make the Extend products merchandisable, you need to:
  • Assign them to your storefront catalog
  • Allocate an inventory record in the inventory file assigned to the current site
    • Configure this entry as perpetual, since these are intangible goods and need to always be in-stock
  • These do not need any description, pricing or any other regular product attributes to be configured

Custom Preferences

  1. Go to Business Manager → Merchant Tools → Site Preferences → Custom Preferences → Extend
  2. Configure the provided Extend credentials in the following fields
    • Access Token: this is used for authenticating web service calls to Extend API. Note: this is available from the Extend Merchant Portal and is unique to the environment (Demo and Production)
    • Store ID: this is used for the client-side Javascript SDK to identify the current store. Note: this is available from the Extend Merchant Portal and is unique to the environment (Demo and Production)
  3. Configure the image breakpoint for using when exporting the product feed
    • The Image View Type is by default configured to large
    • Configure this to specify the breakpoint for the largest image size available across your products
  4. Extend Javascript SDK URL
    By default, this points to the demo JS SDK. Make sure that by the end of the integration process this is switched to the live production version
  5. Extend in Production Mode
    By default, this is set to “No”, which points the integration to the Extend Demo environment. During production cutover, please ensure this is set to “Yes”
  6. Extend API Method
    By default, this points to the Orders API. To make a call to New API endpoints should choose Orders API. To use previous API version should choose Contracts API
  7. Extend API Version
    By default, this points to the ‘Default’, but Default API Version is obsolete.
    Should use the latest available version in the option.
  8. Use the provided feature switches in order to enable / disable Extend features
    • Enable Extend: Enables / disables Extend globally.
    • Enable Up-sell in Cart: Enables / disables the up-sell button and modal in Cart
    • Enable in PDP: Enables / disables Extend in PDP
    • Enable Up-sell in PDP: Enables / disables the up-sell modal in PDP
    • Enable Extend Analytics: Enables / disables Extend’s analytics module. The analytics module enables revenue metrics such as attach rate
    • Extend Secret Key: used as part of Extend’s contract cancellation process in SFCC if applicable

What’s Next
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