Product & Shipping Protection

Integration Guide for enabling Extend Product & Shipping Protection within a SFCC SFRA Store.

Extend Integration for Salesforce Commerce Cloud SFRA

Welcome to Extend! We provide an easy way for any merchant to sell extended warranties - generating new revenue, increasing purchase conversion, and dramatically improving the customer experience.

This guide will walk you through the process of getting live with Extend protection plans, so you can start selling and earning revenue as quickly and easily as possible. The process is pretty simple - and even more simple with a connected SFCC reference application SFRA v4.4.0. Read on to learn more!

Extend Cartridge Link:


  1. Component Overview
  2. Implementation Guide
  3. Configuration
  4. Jobs
  5. Orders API
  6. Shipping Offers API
  7. SDK Analytics
  8. Testing
  9. Cart Offers
  10. Business Manager


This is a quick example of the various offer setups we will cover during the course of this guide:

Product Display Page Offer

This offer is designed to display on the product page directly:

Up-sell Modal

This design is built around bringing more focus to the product protection offer by generating a popup modal when an eligable product is added to cart but no product protection offer is created:

Cart Offer

This last design is built within the Cart page and acts as a final chance to purchase the product protection offer before checkout:



If you run into any issues during this integration process or have questions please reach out to our team through your Merchant Portal.


Please be sure to connect with your Extend representative before proceeding with this guide. It will be helpful to understand the Extend program fully before starting the integration process.

Additionally this walkthrough is designed to take you step-by-step in setting up your store. It is recommended to have a baseline familiarity and general comfort with the following technical subjects:

Front facing programming languages

Comprehension of CSS selectors