Product Protection

Integration Guide for enabling the Product Protection within a Magento Store.


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Magento Integration Guide

This guide will walk you through the process of getting live with Extend protection plans, so you can start selling and earning revenue as quickly and easily as possible. The process is pretty simple - and even more simple with a Magento 2 store. Read on to learn more!


Extend provides an easy way for any merchant to offer extended protection plans - generating new revenue, increasing purchase conversion, and dramatically improving the customer experience.
Useful Links

Extend Merchant Portal:


Version Support

The module is built for Magento 2 version(s):

  • 2.4.2+

Not Supported

  • The Extend Module does not support some 3rd party applications that utilize custom options, virtual, or downloadable Magento products without customization
  • The Extend Module does not support gift cards


  • The Extend Module is only available in the English Language.