API Credentials - Extend Configuration Custom Record

After successfully creating a Sandbox and Production Extend Account, a member of your team should have 2 sets of credentials, Sandbox and Production. In the respective accounts, create new Extend Configuration record with the associated information:

  • Environment: Sandbox or Production
  • API Version: 2021-04-01 or the latest found https://developers.helloextend.com/
  • Store ID: found in Extend Account
  • API Key: found in Extend Account

Set Script Parameters

General Preferences
Setup>Company>General Preferences>Custom Preferences

  • Extend Item ID: Extend Protection Plan
  • Extend Environment: Sandbox or Production

Script Parameters



Extend | SLET | Offer Modal

Extend Protection Plan Item: Extend Protection Plan

Extend | MR | Contract Cancel

Extend RMA Search: *SCRIPT USE* Extend | Contract Cancel Search

Extend | MR | Contract Create

Extend Sales Order Search: *SCRIPT USE* Extend | Contract Create Search

Extend | MR | Item Update

Extend Item Search: *SCRIPT USE* Extend | Item Update Search

Extend | MR | Item Sync

Extend Item Search: *SCRIPT USE* Extend | Item Sync Search

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