Request Support from Extend

Have a question or issue? Submit a request from within the Merchant Portal.

You can use the Support button in the Merchant Portal at any time if you have a question, issue, or request related to your Extend integration or Merchant Portal account.

Request Support from Extend

  1. Log into the Merchant Portal
  2. On the top navigation bar, click on ?



The Support button can be accessed from any page in the Merchant Portal. You can find it at the top right hand section in the top navigation bar.

  1. Your Email address will be auto-populated. Feel free to add your Phone Number (optional) if that is your preferred method of contact.
  2. Select your Type of Request:
    1. Billing - Use this option if you have any payment or billing concerns related to your account with Extend.
    2. Product Mapping - This post-go-live option is used when you have added new products to your store that need to be mapped to their appropriate plans within Extend.
    3. Technical - This option is available to route your ticket before our solution engineers team who can help address any technical issues occurring in relation to the Extend integration.
    4. General/Other - If your requests doesn't quite fit into any of the above categories, or maybe you just have some general questions related to Extend, this option should be utilized.
    5. Reintegration - This option should be utilized when your Extend Account manager determines that an issue requires a reinstall or reintegration of our Extend products. Generally this follows a Theme change or any major shifts in your store that may affect the overall functionality of our Extend product.
  3. Fill out the How can we help you? field with a description of your question, issue, or request. Please be as detailed as possible!

  1. Once you have completed typing up your request, click Send. You will hear back from an Extend representative shortly.