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This guide provides a best practice recommendation for facilitating a SuiteScript customization to automate the creation of Extend warranty contracts in NetSuite. Implementation of this solution will focus on the following key touch points of the order to cash process:




Creating an ‘Extend Warranty Item’


Product Sync


Extend Warranty Plan Offer Presentation


Selecting a Warranty from the Offer Presentation


Creating an Extend Warranty Contract


Creating a Customer Return Authorization for a Sales Order containing warranties.


Validating the Extend refund amount.


Calling the Extend API to cancel the warranty contract(s) from Netsuite.


Storing Extend API Credentials


The scope of this document covers best practice design principles around a SuiteScript customization to sync NetSuite core records with Extend product plan and warranty contract data.

The integration will be outbound from NetSuite, calling Extend API’s. The scope of those calls are:

  • Get Offer/Plan Information by Product
  • Sync Product Catalog
  • Create Contract
  • Validating the Extend refund amount
  • Canceling the Extend warranty contract

The solution will store sensitive Extend api key information for production and/or sandbox. Only a client administrator should be able to maintain this information.

Environment Assumptions

  • Extend store will already be created
  • NetSuite features enabled ( * is to reference required features):
    • Custom Records
    • Client SuiteScript *
    • Server SuiteScript *
    • SuiteCloud Development Framework
    • Sales Orders *
    • Return Authorizations *
    • Inventory *

Solution Assumptions

  • A singular non-inventory item for sale will be created to represent the warranty plan. This will allow scaling of SKU management for new warranty offers
  • A NetSuite Sales Order will only support a 1 to 1 mapping between item ordered and the plan covering that Item. This solution does and should not support an item quantity greater than if the item is associated with a warranty plan

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