Selling Warranties Using Shopify POS

Learn how to use the Extend Shopify app to sell Extend through your Shopify POS sales channel


The Extend Shopify App now includes functionality to make selling Extend warranties through Shopify POS an easy and seamless experience. Read on to learn more about how to utilize this feature to empower your store associates to help drive your Extend program.


In order to ensure prompt delivery of contract information to in-store customers, it is very important to ensure customer is added before completing checkout. To Read more, see the Add Customer section.

Feature Requirements

Before getting started with selling Warranty plans through Shopify POS, you will need to ensure your integration meets the following pre-requisites:



If you have any questions about these pre-requisites and whether your store is set up to sell warranties through Shopify POS, reach out to us via your Merchant Portal and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

  1. Your Shopify POS app is installed and up-to-date on your device
  2. Your Shopify store has installed or been migrated to the Listed Extend Marketplace app.
  3. Your Extend Shopify integration is setup to utilize "Direct Mapping," and there are matching warranty SKUs containing data that correspond to your warrantable products.
  4. Your store's Extend Warranty Collection has been enabled in the POS sales channel.

Video Demo

Feature Overview

Extend's extension for Shopify POS displays a Recommendations tile in your Shopify POS instance. The tile can be found on the Home screen or on a Product Details page. Recommendations within the Home Screen are warranty offers matched to the products that have been added to the order's cart. Recommendations within the Product Details page contain all matching warranty plans for the warrantable product's available variants.

Home Screen Recommendations (Cart Level)Product Details Recommendations (Product Level)

Adding Your Extend Product Protection Tile To Your Home Screen

Adding the Extend Product Protection tile to your Shopify POS terminal is easy. To get started, first login to your Shopify POS terminal using a supported device. From there, follow the below steps:

  1. From the Home Screen, select Add Tile

  1. This will open the Add tile screen, from here select App -> Extend Product Protection -> Add

  1. Once added, you will see the Tile on your Home screen. Clicking this tile will show matching Extend warranty products for the products that have been added to the order's cart.

  1. From here, simply tap the tile to view matching warranty plans for products in the cart.

  1. Select one of the matching available plans to add the warranty to the order's cart. Note: The plans are ordered in ascending order by price.

Adding the Customer to the Order

Before we checkout we must ensure that we add the customer to the cart. This is highly recommended as it ensure contracts are created properly in Extend’s system, which are used in the entitlement and claims process.

  1. In order to accomplish this we click on the Add customer tile

  2. We then get prompted to enter in the appropriate customer information - those being: first name, last name, email address, and phone number
  3. We can now add our customer by clicking Save

  4. You're done! Simply check out from here and the Extend Contract will be created for the customer upon order completion