Selling Warranties Using Shopify Draft Orders

Learn how to use the Extend Shopify app to sell Extend through your Shopify Draft Order sales channel


The Extend Shopify App now includes functionality to make selling Extend warranties through Draft Orders an easy and seamless experience. Read on to learn more about how to utilize this feature to empower your store associates to help drive your Extend program.

Feature Requirements

Before getting started with selling Warranty plans through Shopify Draft Orders, you will need to ensure your integration meets the following pre-requisites:



If you have any questions about these pre-requisites and whether your store is set up to sell warranties through Shopify Draft Orders, reach out to us via your Merchant Portal and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

  1. Your Extend App is installed and up to date.


    Make sure your Extend App is up to date

    You might need to update the permissions for the Extend app to enable this feature. You can do this by:

    1. Clicking the Extend App within your Shopify store
    2. This will prompt you to update the permissions
  2. Your Extend Shopify integration is setup to utilize "Price Points"

Feature Overview

Extend's App Block for Shopify Draft Orders displays a "widget" on your draft order page. The widget displays warranties for eligible products in a simple fashion. This will enable sales teams to upsell warranties easier than ever before.

Adding an Extend Protection Plan To Your Order

Adding an Extend Protection Plan To Your Order is easy. To get started, first login to your Shopify store, and follow these steps:

  1. From the Home Screen, on the left side, select Orders

  1. From here, you can select Create order on the top right

  2. You will be prompted to search for product, search for product(s) and add them to the Order.
    **Ensure one of the products is warrantable

  1. Add a customer with the field to the right:
    ** Please ensure the customer has a phone number and email. This will ensure the contracts are created with no problem

  2. Within the Order, check the Payment Due Later Checkbox. Shopify will present the option to collect payment at a later screen. We must do this in order to send the Order over to Extend for Warranty cost calculations.

  1. Now we can create the Order by hitting the Create order button, you will be prompted to confirm you wish you create the order as well. Hit Create order again to proceed.

  2. Now we should see the Order in a Payment Pending and Unfulfilled Status. We can now use the Shopify App Block feature to add this new feature. To this we click Add Block.

  3. You will be prompted to select the App Block you would like to add. Click the Extend Draft Orders Block.


Pin the App Block!

We recommend "Pinning" the Extend Draft Orders App Block to the Draft Orders Page. This will ensure all we can easily upsell warranties every time.

  1. We can now select and add a plan for the eligible products in the cart. In the below examples you can see you can modify the Coverage length as well. Once we confirm which plan we want to add we can simply click Add Plans

  1. You are now ready to start selling warranties in your Draft Order channel!