PUE Eligibility for Magento

When working to integrate Post-Purchase Upsell Emails into your store's offerings several factors will need to be considered to ensure your store can successfully run these offers. Below is the list of necessary requirements and settings that will be needed to achieve this.

In order to be eligible for the PUE integration, all Magento stores must fit the following criteria:

  • The store will need to be on Orders API.
    • If your store is on an older version of the module and not Headless integration: keep old version and switch to Orders API.
    • If your store is a on recent version, then you are likely already on Orders API.
    • If your store is a headless site, there is a good chance this integration will be a significant lift, coordinate with our team to schedule a code migration to the Orders API.
  • Be sure to be in contact with your Extend representative in regards to this as we will need to enable some new features within your Extend Dashboard.

To know more about the PUE's functionality and use in general please refer to this guide in relation to Post-Purchase Upsell Email Management.