PUE Module Configuration

Email Types

Extend’s PUE Module allows merchants to choose between two approaches to post-purchase email offers: Transactional emails and Marketing emails. The difference between the two is described below.

  • Transactional Emails: Communications directly relating to a specific transaction, limited to 2 email communications and not subject to US CAN-SPAM regulation.
  • Marketing Emails: Communications not related to a specific transaction, limited to 4 email communications and subject to US CAN-SPAM regulation allowing unsubscription to further messages.


Transactional vs Marketing Communications:

The differences between the two may seem subtle, but there are very important regulatory distinctions between transactional and marketing communications. In order to comply with applicable regulations, Extend requires transactional emails to be sent from a merchant-owned domain. For marketing emails sent from Extend’s domain, customers must have the ability to unsubscribe or opt-out of marketing communications. Whatever option you choose, we will work with you to make sure your post-purchase offers meet all requirements and provide a great customer experience.

Transactional Email

Marketing Email

Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are emails directly related to a specific purchase or purchases made by a customer at your store. With some quick setup, Extend can send transactional emails using your merchant domain.
Transactional emails from the PUE module are sent at two different points in time.

  1. On purchase
  2. 30 days prior to expiration of Manufacturer’s warranty
    a. Note: For ADH this is approximately 30 days post-purchase.

Emails are sent directly from your domain using the email alias of your choice, for example: [email protected]. This helps you connect directly with your customers using your email and branding, all while directing traffic back to your webstore!

DNS Configuration

To enable transactional emails, you must configure your Domain Name System (DNS) by adding DomainKeys Identified Email (DKIM) configuration to Canonical Name (CNAME) records. The exact process will vary depending on your domain registration provider, however the process is usually very simple. Note: Your Extend Solution Engineer will provide you with exact CNAME records to add to your DNS.

See below for common DNS providers and steps for adding DKIM records:

Call to Action

Transactional emails are product focused, meaning they must specifically describe a purchase or purchases made by the customer at your store. With transactional emails, Extend automatically highlights the most valuable eligible product in the customer’s order for the primary call-to-action. Clicking the Add Plan call-to-action will direct the user back to your webstore and present them with post-purchase offers where they can checkout with Extend protection, it’s that easy!

In addition, the emails contain an “Also eligible for added protection” section listing other products in the order that are eligible for warranty offers. Transactional emails are currently limited to displaying offers for 5 products per order.

Marketing Emails

Marketing emails are general communications sent to a customer and are not restricted to referencing a specific purchase. Extend can send marketing emails on behalf of merchants from an Extend-owned domain.
Marketing emails from the PUE module are sent at up to three different points in time.

Base coverage:

  1. On purchase
  2. Delay after purchase
  3. Prior to manufacturers warranty expiration

ADH coverage:

  1. On purchase
  2. Prior to manufacturers lead expiration

Note: Emails are co-branded and content is not restricted to the product.

Email Configuration

Email timing is controlled and optimized by the Extend marketing team. We closely monitor the most effective periods for post-purchase outreach to help ensure you reach your customers at the right time.

As a merchant, you can configure which of the emails to send to your customers and which not to send. For more information about this and other configuration options, reach out to your Extend Merchant Success Manager.

Suppression and Conversion

The frequency of emails sent to a customer is closely monitored, and our goal is to never create a negative customer experience by sending non-relevant emails.

  • After a customer purchases a single order from your store, additional purchases from that same customer will not trigger new emails until they either make a purchase from the original outreach or that outreach expires.
  • If the customer purchases a warranty from a post-purchase email for the primary product on the order, the customer will not receive follow up communications regarding that offer.


A key difference with marketing emails is the inclusion of an unsubscribe link.


Extend’s PUE module provides access to rich analytics data about your company’s product protection post-purchase outreach. As part of the PUE module’s analytics functionality, reports will be available to show:

  • Conversation Rate: The percentage of email campaign outreach resulting in a warranty sale
  • Attach Rate: The number of warranties sold as a percentage of associated warrantable product sales.R
  • Revenue: Total revenue from the creation of leads.
    Soon, these analytics will be available in the Merchant Portal. For the time being, to access these reports reach out to your Merchant Success Manager who can work with you to get your store specific data.

Questions? Feedback?

At Extend, customer experience is our North Star, and that goes for both our merchant customers (you!) and your store’s customers as they buy your products and our protection plans. So, we want to do anything we can to make your Extend integration successful and to make your customers’ experiences outstanding. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us any time. And if you have any feedback about our documentation, integration process, or our APIs and SDK, we are all ears!

Contact Us: Reach out to [email protected] for specific questions on the PUE module or configuration steps. For general questions, use https://extend.com/contact/ or reach out to your Extend account representative.

Thank you for working with Extend!