Shopify Price Points Overview


  • What is the Price Points Solution?
  • Qualifying your store for Price Points

What Is the Price Points solution?

Price Points is a new SKU pattern in our Shopify solution that will only add a maximum of 250 Extend warranty SKUs to your store's product catalog. Our legacy SKU pattern, Direct Mapping, typically adds 3 plans for each warrantable product, which quadruples the size of your catalog. This can be a pain point for stores with a very large catalog.

The Extend SKU variants used in Price Points represent a price determined by our Price Points Table and the Plan information (Title, Product Id, Term) will be added to the warranty as custom properties. This SKU pattern can clean up your catalog and allow you to better manage your products.

Here are examples of the two different SKU formats:

  • Direct Mapping (Legacy) SKU Format: [Extend plan-id]+'-'+[term]+'-'+[variant-id]
    • Example: 1001-misc-elec-1y-123456789
  • Price Points (New) SKU Format: 'Extend-Protection-Plan-'+[price-point]
    • Example: Extend-Protection-Plan-14.99

Qualifying your store for Price points

First and foremost, your store must be on the Listed app. If you are unsure about the status of your store's app or need to get it moved over to the listed app, please feel free to reach out to our support team at any time via the Merchant Portal.

It's also important to note that if you use the Draft Orders or Shopify POS for your store, you will not be able to sell Extend Protection Plans through those methods. Enabling Price Points disables support for these features at the moment because the warranty properties are configured in the cart.

ERP/OMS Integrations

Please let us know if you have any ERP or OMS (NetSuite, QuickBooks, Skubana, etc) connected to your eCommerce store and we can have a further discussion on how to handle the new Extend SKUs.