Working with Warranty Items

Create a Extend Warranty Item in NetSuite

Create a singular non-inventory item for sale to represent all warranty plans sold. This will allow scaling of SKU management for new warranty offers.

Flag Items as Eligible for Warranty in NetSuite

A custom list/record field Extend Warranty Status (custitem_ext_warranty_status) will be created and exposed on the NetSuite Item record form. This will allow scripts to identify the item as integrated with Extend. A user will set this field to “Warrantable” manually when an item is selected to be offered with warranties. The field should be placed in a designated area for any existing warranty information.

If no current field group or tab exists for warranty information, it can be placed in a highly visible area to ensure users with intent to offer this item can select it.

Items that should not be Warrantable should have their status set to “Non-Warrantable”.