Selling Shipping Internationally

In this section we'll describe how we can efficiently sell Shipping Protection with products Shipped to different countries


Selling Shipping Protection to your internal customers is something we have made easier. We leverage Shopify's Market functionality to help automatically detect the currency of the Shipping Quote so we can easily modify the Price of a Shipping Protection Offer.


Setting up Markets within Shopify

Please make sure you have appropriate markets setup within Shopify. You can make sure you read through this document to learn how to do this.


There are two methods in which we typically integration Shipping Protection, for Shopify Plus members you'll be able to leverage our Checkout Extension solution. If you have an Offer that doesn't qualify for Checkout Extension, you can use our standard SDK solution. Below we will go through both scenarios.

Checkout Extension

No Changes needed, if you have the appropriate market setup, the Extend checkout Extension will automatically detect where your customers are shipping to and modify the price.

SDK Solution

  1. Locate your Extend.shippingProtection.render() function, this is typically found within your extend-cart-integration.liquid file

  2. Add the following argument to the function: convertQuoteToFormattedDisplayPrice: ExtendShopify.convertQuoteToFormattedDisplayPrice,
    You can add it in the following manner:

      // ...existing arguments here...
      // new for this feature:
      convertQuoteToFormattedDisplayPrice: ExtendShopify.convertQuoteToFormattedDisplayPrice,
  3. We will now be able to key off current Shopify Market in Order to properly set the quote price for the Shipping Offer.