Product Protection

Let's walk you through what you'll need to complete the Extend integration for Shopify.

Getting Started with Extend


1. Installing the Extend App

2. Setting up the Extend components

3. Integrate into your Product Page

4. Integrate into your Cart Page

5. Integrate the Extend Analytics

6. Integrate your Post Purchase offers

7. Validate your Extend integration


In this section we will review what to expect during your technical Extend integration process. We'll review the offer placements, how long each step should take, and other general resources you should be aware of..

Before you begin we recommend reviewing the checklist below to understand where you should be on your Extend onboarding process.


Video Guide


Firstly we want to review the general offer placements:

  • Product Display Page Offer

  • Modal Offer

  • Cart Offer
    Note: This section should cover the base cart page in your Shopify store - accessible by navigating to the /cart page of your site. For alternative carts please reach out to us through your Merchant Portal

  • Aftermarket Modal Offer


In order to complete the integration fully end to end we suggest you set aside 4:30 hour(s).


If you run into any issues during this integration process or have questions please reach out to our team through your Merchant Portal.


Please be sure to connect with your Extend representative before proceeding with this guide. It will be helpful to understand the Extend program fully before starting the integration process. You can reach out to our team by filling out the Demo Request form here to let us know that we can review your business and work towards the mapping of your warrantable products. This process will take 1-2 days.

Additionally this walkthrough is designed to take you step-by-step in setting up your store. It is recommended to have a baseline familiarity and general comfort with the following technical subjects:

Please be sure that you have a working Shopify store.